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Hair Tools Professional College Kit   PREMIUM

Hair Tools Professional College Kit PREMIUM


:  at  £179.00  each

Hair Tools Professional College Kit - PREMIUM

This complete college kit contains 46 items, supplied in a large wheeled holdall:

Head Jog Quad Brush Set

Head Jog Eco Neck Brush

Hair Tools Tint Apron with Pockets

Head Jog 201-Black Cutting Comb

Head Jog 203-Black Pin Tail Comb

Head Jog 204-Black Metal Pin Comb

Head Jog 206-Black detangle Comb

Tangle Free Vent Brush

Head Jog 01 - Black Paddle Brush

Head Jog 50 - Slim-Line Styling Brush

Head Jog 101 - Nylon Bristle Cushion Brush

Haito Basix Scissor Kit 5”

Hair Tools Mannequin Training Head Ladies Med/Long

Hair Tools Training Head Clamp

Perm Rods - Black (Pack of 12)

Perm Rods - Grey (Pack of 12)

Perm Rods - Blue (Pack of 12)

Perm Rods - Orange/Red (Pack of 12)

Perm Rods - Yellow (Pack of 12)

Perm Rods - Pink (Pack of 12)

Perm Rods - White (Pack of 12)

Perm Rods - Green (Pack of 12)

Perm Rods - Brick Red (Pack of 12)

Perm Curler Rubbers - Flat Long (Pack of 50)

Head Jog Rollers - Green (Pack of 12)

Head Jog Rollers - Blue (Pack of 12)

Head Jog Rollers - Yellow (Pack of 12)

Head Jog Rollers - Pink (Pack of 12)

Head Jog Rollers - White (Pack of 12)

Head Jog Rollers - Lilac (Pack of 12)

Head Jog Rollers - Peach (Pack of 12)

Deluxe Plastic Roller Pins (Pack of 50)

Tint bowl black

Neutralising Sponge Pack (Pack of 6)

Hair Tools Standard Black Tint Brush

Peroxide Measure Standard 100ml

Hair Tools Highlighting Cap

Plastic Sprayer Small (Scissor Pattern) 250ml

Solida Supraform Setting Net Brown

Head Jog Butterfly Clamps Large Black (Pack of 12)

Hair Tools Double Prong Curl Clips (Box of 72)

2" Waved Grips Brown (Box of 250)

Hair Tools Silver Control Clips (Pack of 12)

Haito Professional Hairdryer Black

Hair Tools Waving Irons (16mm 5/8"") Medium

Thermo Ceramic Straightener

Large College Wheeled Holdall

The difference between the standard and premium kits are that the premium includes extra items: Hairdryer, straightener, waving irons. Also the kit is supplied in a large wheeled holdall instead of a standard carry holdall. 

Hair Tools large wheeled holdall specification:

Large holdall with 2 zipped compartment pockets on the outside on the bag. Double handled with, an adjustable shoulder strap and an extendable metal trolley handle which can be zipped away. Dimensions: 76x34x38cm / 30x13.5x15”.

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