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Itzi Towels Maxi Towel Packs of 10

Itzi Towels Maxi Towel Packs of 10


:  at  £32.00  each

Towels that save you money

  • 70% Cheaper over 250 uses than disposables!
  • Up to 66% savings over the laundry costs of terry cotton towels.
  • Long-lasting. Itzi towels with over 400 uses are still in salon use and looking good.
  • Kind to hair and extensions- no rubbing, just pat dry - water is gently wicked away from hair.
  • Totally stain resistant.
  • Reduces storage space by at least 50%

90cm x 45cm super soft, high performance towel for use at the basin to dry and turban wrap washed hair. The ultra-absorbent material means that hair can be gently patted dry causing none of the damage associated with harsh rubbing.
Total stain resistance.

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