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Malibu C Crystal Gel

Malibu C Crystal Gel


Malibu C Crystal Gel

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Crystal Colour Prep Gel

The original natural wellness treatment, this is a must-have patented vitamin complex that naturally primes hair to provide a crystal clear canvas completely receptive to ensure brilliant services. Crystal Gel treatment is your best choice for removing minerals from your clients hair. Mineral or medication deposits can cause or contribute to inconsistent results, grey coverage challenges, rapid color fade and colour that fades “Off-Tone”.

Malibu Crystal Gel Actives is a patented, fresh dried vitamin complex that activates with the water and turns to a gel treatment specifically formulated for the hair and scalp. This unique treatment normalizes pH and the exfoliation rate of the scalp while removing all minerals and oxidizers ensuring superior results. When freshly activated then applied to the hair and scalp, this powerful De-mineralization prepares hair to guarantee successful chemical services, removes hard water minerals (iron, lime, copper) and chlorine from the hair and scalp, removes discoloration caused by iron and copper, and normalizes the hair and scalp to an improved condition.

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